Underrated Anime: Dororo

Underrated Anime: Dororo - Sugoi Nation

By: Hyochii 
A freelance anime blogger, cosplayer and amateur artist.

In 2019, Demon Slayer dominated the anime scene with its amazing plot, actions, and art. Due to this, many forgot about the anime Dororo that came out a bit earlier and overlapped with the popular series. 

The story is about a ronin (wandering samurai) named Hyakkimaru who is born malformed and is required to kill demons to obtain his missing body parts. He is accompanied by a troublesome orphan thief called Dororo during his travels and the two fight together to survive against a world full of demons.

WARNING: Trailer not for the weak hearted!

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The anime is fairly unknown and overshadowed despite it's amazing dark plot, visuals, and narratives. It’s an great dark fantasy adventurous tale with supernatural elements. They also deal with the characters emotional journey of discovery that takes place during the darkest era of Japan, the Senjoku era, filled with war, blood, and greed. The anime makes you wonder deeply what exactly makes us human, different from monsters? The dark genre won’t be the only reason to watch it though. 

The anime itself contains beautifully drawn characters, color palettes, and backgrounds. The voice actors, though fairly new, did a splendid job and matched well with the characters that they are acting as.

So I highly recommend you guys to check it out and comment below what you think about the anime if you have already watched it!

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